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BSAC Branches usually conduct diver training over a number of weeks at weekly training sessions. Training is conducted by qualified instructors and all necessary equipment is supplied by the Branch.
Beginners are usually offered the possibility of a "Try Dive" or a "Experience SCUBA" session before committing themselves. They can move on to the "Club Diver" course which qualifies them to participate in open water diving.

When you learn with a Branch you will become a BSAC member relatively early on in your training and will immediately be entitled to the full benefits of BSAC membership.
By joining a BSAC Branch you are able to participate in the full range of club activities, including continuing and specialist courses arranged by the Branch or the BSAC Regional structure, as well as all social activities, weekend diving trips to inland or coastal sites and diving holidays.
Some Branches are superbly equipped with their own boats and compressors and are able to mount fascinating diving trips and expeditions. When necessary, Branches charter dive boats at coastal locations for their own organised dives.


When you join a Branch you will pay a BSAC subscription fee, which includes the cost of providing you with a monthly copy of DIVE magazine and third party liability insurance cover. The Branch will then provide you with a Training Pack, which includes a copy of the Sport Diving Manual, Club and Sports Diver Student Study Book and a Qualification Record Book. There will be additional charges calculated by the Branch to cover the facilities they provide. This may include initial training and equipment use, but Branches are allowed to devise their own formula for this. Since the initial and annual fees may vary, it is best to make contact with a a nearby Branch (use the Branch Locator) and enquire about their facilities and charges.

Scuba training with a BSAC Branch is available to anyone who is over the age of 14 and medically fit. Parental approval is needed for anyone under the age of 18 years.

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