Kevin Garnett or Jermaine O'Neal?

This off season will be almost as difficult for Mitch Kupchak as back when he traded Shaq to the Miami Heat for Lamar Odom, Caron Butler and Brian Grant. It has been a rough road since Shaq left, nothing but bad pick up after bad pick up(Aaron Mckie, Vladimir Radmanovic, Chris Mihm, Chucky Atkins, Smush Parker, Brian Grant), the only real promise in anything Kupchak has done as a GM was getting Caron Butler and Lamar Odom. Even that got screwed up, Caron Butler is now a all-star starter on a good Washington Wizards team along side Gilbert Arenas and Lamar Odom is probably on his way out after his performance in the playoffs and Kobe's demand for change.

Admittedly, Kupchak has had some pretty big shoes to fill by replacing one of the greatest general managers of all time in Jerry West, but come on man, start making some moves to improve the team, not get knocked out the first round of the playoffs, again and piss off your superstar by not surrounding him with a good supporting cast. No more being cheap and not taking any risks, go get someone who wants to win a championship.

It's time for the Big Ticket, Kevin Garnett. The man is in the same position as Kobe Bryant, but the only difference is Kobe has three rings and Garnett has none. Those two together on the same team would be championship contenders instantly, both have a love and a passion for the game and both want to win, NOW! This move is a no brainer and needs to be done, especially if they want to keep Kobe happy and thinking that the Lakers are moving in the right direction.

Here is the dilemma, Jermaine O'Neal is saying he wants out of Indiana and I don't blame him because they are going nowhere fast, but there has been talk of him possibly coming to LA and this is a terrible idea for the Lakers to even consider with the chance of getting Garnett being a possibility. O'Neal is a solid forward/center, with good offensive and defensive skills and he would improve the Lakers, but he is past his prime and doesn't have the passion and intensity of Kevin Garnett. Jermaine O'Neal's stats for this past season were good, but he has dipped in scoring since his best season in 04-05 from 24ppg to 19ppg, not a tremendous dip, but he has got nothing on Garnett's consistency. Kevin Garnett's stats are as consistent as could be and shows no signs of slowing down, this season he averaged 22 ppg and 13 rpg, he has been so consistent that he has averaged at least 21 ppg and 11 rpg in his last 8 seasons. If the Lakers needed anything from another player besides Kobe, it's consistent solid play every night and that is exactly what Kevin Garnett brings. Not only should he have a chance a championship run alongside Kobe Bryant, but I think if anyone deserves a NBA title it's Kevin Garnett and I don't think there would be too much argument from that statement. It's time for Mitch Kupchak to man up and get the Big Ticket!

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