The Game of Indoor Bowls

The game continues to grow since the idea was pioneered by William Macrae in the Drumdryan Drill Hall in 1888. In 1905 Crystal Palace IBC became the first indoor club to be established in England, with the first 36 members including Dr W.G.Grace, who is more well known for his Cricketing exploits. The Indoor Bowling Season is mainly between October to April, with most competitions starting at the beginning of the season. A number of Clubs are now open during the remaining months, normally on a limited hours basis. "Level Green" bowls is a very simple game: It is played by either two individuals or by opposing teams and the purpose is to get your bowls closest to the jack (the white ball). Scoring Example: If you have three of your bowls closer to the jack than any of your opponent bowls, you score three shots, they score none. A game of Pairs (4 bowls each) and Fours (2 Bowls each) are played over 21 ends, the winner being the team with the highest number of shots. A game of Triples (3 Bowls each) is played over 18 ends, the winner being the team with the highest number of shots. Inter-Club and Inter-County games are played between Teams of Fours, the winner being the Club/County with the highest number of combined shots.

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