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The British Orienteering Federation (or BOF as it is known to all orienteers) is the official governing body for orienteering as a sport and recreation in the United Kingdom, and represents the United Kingdom on the world governing body for orienteering, the International Orienteering Federation (IOF) which has 49 member nations in all parts of the world. BOF is a Federation of twelve Associations, each of which is self-governing and responsible for the conduct of the sport in its geographical area. Uniquely, BOF is a sports organisation where every elected official, at all levels, is an active member of the sport. Orienteering is a sport administered by orienteers for orienteers.

BOF came into being in the early days of British orienteering, on the 16th June 1967, and became a Company Limited by Guarantee in 1982. (This means that if you join BOF you guarantee to pay 50p towards its debts, should it ever become insolvent!). From its National Office in Darley Dale, near Matlock, BOF administers the sport in Britain, oversees its development, and co-ordinates a full calendar of events in its twelve constituent Associations.

BOF-registered events range from informal summer evening training events and beginners' events through colour coded and badge events up to national championships. Major competitions include the Jan Kjellstrom International Festival of Orienteering held every year over the Easter weekend and the Scottish Six-Days and other six day events, held in alternate years. The main orienteering season runs from September to May/June, with a lessening of activities in December and January, and most major events taking place between Easter and mid June. BOF-registered events also included events from the other orienteering disciplines.

The British National Orienteering Squad competes regularly in international competitions, and Great Britain was chosen by the IOF to stage the 1999 World Championships.

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