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Brittish University Champions for the 4th Year running!

What is Underwater Hockey? For those who are still unsure about what Underwater Hockey is all about, here are the background pointers. Underwater Hockey is also called Octopush. If this still does not make a clear explanation then read on. It involves two teams each of which have the objective of trying to score goals into the opposition's submerged goal. We play with a lead puck (protected by some rubber/plastic) which means that it sits on the bottom of the pool. Teams of six in the water at any one time, with up to four subs, will battle it out for around 10-12 minutes per half. It is very exhausting and requires a high level of cardiovascular fitness, thus ruling out most of our team. The skills of the game involve being able to flick the puck and our more experienced players will be able to reach around 2-3m. First timers will probably find a yard is a good distance. Once the flick is mastered this enables a free-flowing game which should be fast and furious. It is, supposedly, a non-contact sport but some clubs will illustrate that this is a gross over exaggeration.

Training Times

We Train at Kings Swimming pool at Aberdeen University on:

Wednesdays: 4.00pm - 5.00pm

Thursdays: 7.00pm - 8.30pm

Any new or returning players are welcome to come along to any of these sessions.

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