Caversham Octopush Club

John Spence


Phone: 0118 9616310

For those of you who are new to Octopush / Underwater Hockey, or have found this page by accident To play the game of Octopush you need a mask, snorkel, fins (flippers), protective glove, a small stick and a lead puck. We can help you out with equipment until you are sure you like the game. All you need to bring is your swimwear and old socks.

The Game

Whilst holding your breath the stick is used to push or flick the puck along the bottom of the pool. At each end of the pool is a goal (gully). The object of the game is to flick the puck into the opposition team's goal. A team is made up of ten players, of which only six are in the pool at any one time. Each team is identified by the colour of their hats and sticks.

Learning to Play

If you've snorkelled before you can easily learn to play. If not we'll teach you (useful for holidays). You do not have to be very fit to play and you don't have to be able to hold your breath a long time.

Underwater Hockey is lots of fun for Anyone. It's a great way to have fun, get fit, make new friends and do something very different.

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