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Our club has a very active Underwater Hockey (Octopush) section, and has three main divisions,

Juniors aged 8 - 16 years. Youth aged 16 - 21 years. Seniors aged 18 +

What is Underwater hockey ? Underwater Hockey is a great team game, and an excellent way of keeping fit. It is enjoyed by men, women and juniors and anyone who can swim can play.

The sport began in 1952, as a form of activity for divers to keep fit during the winter, and has developed into a fun team sport.

The object of the game, is to push a lead puck or squid, along the bottom of the pool, and score by pushing the squid into the opponents goal. All this is of course done underwater, using only a mask, fins and snorkel, with the help of a hand held pusher for the squid.

There can be 10 players in a team, but only 6 are in the water at any time. The squid is placed in the middle, with both teams starting at each end of the pool. The fastest swimmers will reach the squid first, and try and keep possession until other team members arrive. Experienced players will be able to pass the squid 12 or 15 feet, while youngsters or beginners will manage only a few feet, resulting in them being closer together, and a much tighter game. A match lasts 30 minutes, with a short break at half time while the teams change ends. As players have to constantly surface to breathe, timing and team awareness is essential.

It is quite competitive, and branch members play in regional and national leagues, some of our members have represented the U.K. in international competitions.

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