Norfolk Pikes Octopush Club

Colin Makepeace

Great Yarmouth,

Phone: 01493 650034

Peter Davies


We play regularly at the Marina Centre on Yarmouth Seafront (01493)851521. Around 15+ people turn up regularly to play Octopush on a Sunday Morning even though it starts at 8:45am. To find out more about where and when we train, how to get there, cost, etc. See the training link on the left. We have been playing regularly for about 5 years but the club has been running for 18! Our sessions consist of a short warm up. We swim several lengths with different manoeuvres along the way. We practice octopush skills and then finish with a mixed game. Adults and children play in the same team. After training a large group of us have a huge post-octopush breakfast at the local Asda and discuss the worlds problems (and talk some octopush).

We have a strong mixed U-16 team who compete in the National tournament at Crystal Palace each year and have their own coach. We are always on the look out for new players. We also have an adult team that train along side the U16's. This is more social than competitive except when they are playing the U16 team. (A large percentage of the adult team have kids in the U16 team).

As long as you can hold your breath long enough to finish this sentance you will be easily able to play octopush! So why not come and find out what we are up to! The great thing about octopush is that everyone can compete at the same level. If you run out of air then anyone can tackle you. Which is why it is a great family game, everyone can compete at the same level. Women are just as strong as men, which is proved by the fact that all of the National Tournaments are mixed. So why not bring all the family with you to to try the sport out!

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