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The club continues to support Octopush (underwater hockey) and at present we play on Sunday evenings 8 – 9pm, so after diving come along and wash off the salt and give it a go! Apart from regular sessions each week we have a team that takes part in National and local tournaments. As the 1996 winter season came to a close the team finished 10th on the National ladder out of 55 teams that enter and many more that play all year around. We also won the South West championship and at present are doing well having come third in the Nautilus league last year. Hopefully we shall maintain our 10th position on the national ladder. Totnes is also associated with and helps to train junior teams who are currently third in the country. The snokelling sessions that go with this are also doing very well. With the current interest at the under 13 age group there will be a large increase in the number of young people who will automatically take up diving without the need to come and try it - as it will be the next thing.

We are always ready to welcome new crazies at Dawlish Leisure Centre. Totnes 'A' Squad are one of the top 10 Octopush teams in the British Octopush League, but on Sunday evenings we play a friendly game with swimmers of mixed abilities, sexes or ages. So however old, young, fit or unfit you are, this could be the sport for you!

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