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Anne Spencer


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We are a ladies Octopush (underwater hockey) team based in the Midland region of the UK. We have about 14 girls in our squad and usually manage to take at least an 8 member team to tournaments. We got together in 1998 and played our first tourny in September that year - the Pembroke Ladies Invitation .It wasn't long before our captain , Jane , started giving us all nicknames starting with "W" - Jane's was "Wahine Witch" - the rest can be found on the players page - and all are appropriate !

"Wahine" is the Maori word for women ......

We do not have our own pool ,we tend to get together for tournaments only and use Luton Pool on Thursdays for practice prior to an event (Dunstable kindly allow us to join them for a session or two in the run up to tournaments).

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