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The British Ski Federation was established in 1981, having previously existed since 1964 as the National Ski Federation of Great Britain. In June 1997, the name was changed to the British Ski and Snowboard Federation (BSSF), to take account of the growth of Snowboarding and the sport's Olympic status under the FIS banner.

The member groups of the BSSF include all of the Home Nation Governing Bodies (English Ski Council, Scottish National Ski Council, Ski Council of Wales, Northern Ireland Ski Council), plus a number of other organisations who are or have been very active in British competitive snowsport.

These comprise the Combined Services Winter Sports Association, British Association of Ski Instructors, Ski Club of Great Britain, the British Alpine Racing Ski Clubs and the British Snowboard Association.

Whilst the BSSF is primarily concerned with competition at an international level and the co-ordination of UK activities, the member groups concentrate on the development of the sport, club membership, instruction, coaching and the nurturing of competitive talent.

In December 1998, a major review of this strucure took place. A new set of universal objectives being set and a new Board structure has been adopted, with an annual Congress to determine future policy. Each Board member will in future fulfil a specific commercial function.

  • Chairman: Tim Alcock
  • Deputy Chairman: Peter Clarke
  • Finance Director: Alan Hartley
  • Commercial Director: Jennifer Greenbury
  • Events Director: Cliff Webb
  • Disciplines Director: Ewen MacLean
  • Snowboard Director: John O'Grady
  • John Clark, Athletes Director - a non-voting position.
  • Ex-racer Graham Bell has recently been appointed as Performance Director.
All of this should be good for future initiatives and improved British Team Programmes.

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