Aberdeen Jiu Jitsu Academy

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu self defence classes in Aberdeen.

Banks O Dee Sports Centre
Abbotswell Road

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu self defence classes in Aberdeen for men and women.

We specialize in self-defence, fitness and relaxation for everyone.         

We have a programme that is available to all the community that will guide you towards greater confidence and discipline as you improve your balance, control and flexibility.

Gradually guiding you on the journey to success, with a step by step approach to your progression to that coveted Black Belt.

At ABERDEEN JIU JITSU ACADEMY you will experience every possible way a person can physically attack you and you will learn to defend yourself.

People can attack you on other ways too. There are many situations where someone can try to dominate you and we can prepare you to come out a winner

Beginners starting weekly. Please visit our website for more information on the fastest growing martial art in the world and get details of our class times etc.

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