Harlow Penguings Swimming Club

Secretary Harlow Penguins
Steve Newman

First Avenue
CM20 2QA

Phone: 0771 331 7444
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Website: http://www.harlowpenguins.com

Secretary Harlow Penguins

119 Ashworth Place
Church Langley
, Essex
, CM17 9PW

Phone: Newman
Email: stevenewman1@yahoo.com

Harlow Penguins is a friendly, competitive, swimming club with approximately 180 swimmers varying in ages from 4+ to 60+ (no names!). We accept swimmers of all standards ranging from learning to swim, improving stroke technique, assisting overall fitness and have squads aiming for County, District and National qualifying times.

As a club we compete in Division 1 of the  National Speedo League (London),  we also compete in the Essex League (division 3) and Junior Speedo League (for 9 to 12 yr olds) Division 2.

We also encourage our swimmers to compete individually at Open and Designated meets representing Harlow Penguins at all times.

We employ one Chief Coach, Alan Mitchell, who is assisted by volunteer coaches and teachers over the course of a maximum 7 sessions per week (11 to 12 hours). The number of sessions and hours spent in the pool is determined by the swimmers ability as assessed by the Coaches and teachers.

If you would like a trial with Harlow Penguins Swimming Club (free for two weeks to see if you like us) please contact stevenewman1@yahoo.com and I will arrange a suitable Friday trial session.   

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