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I.A.K.S.A Kickboxing
Taught correctly and practiced under trained supervision, Kickboxing is a safe, exciting and aesthetic sport for both men and women of all ages. Raptors Classes have seen an increase in participants over  the last few years, particularly women, looking for an enjoyable way of keeping fit as well as a direct wayof learning confidence in self Defence.
Kickboxing is a westernised, modern concept developed  from traditional martial arts; the success of it's competitors is determined by the art it is derived from. This is of particular importance if one is going to enter into open competition, against other styles of martial arts.
The British Kung Fu Associations administration introduced semi-contact free fighting as well as full-contact to the UK in the mid seventies, creating open competition between styles. Its early competitors earned Lau Gar it's awsome reputation that remains with us today. Lasu has remainedat the top of the tournament scene for almost 30 years, beating World Karate and Tae Kwon Do teams since those early years.
Lau is part of the International Amatuer Kickboxing Sport Association, enableing it's fighters to compete in open tournaments throughout the world.
In this region classes provide optional basic training towards competition in both semi-contact & Light-continuous with regular interclub, local tournaments between our owngroups. This provides our members with the experience to develop the necessary skills for competition before participating in the open regional and national championships held each autumn.
A monthly squad is held for any members wishing to learn free fighting for tournament events. Whilst the class continous to provide a fighting session, competition enthusiasts can receive additional training at these meetings.
Safety equipment is required for all sparring.

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