Minchenden Netball Club

Contact Details:
Laura Kind


Phone: 020 8886 7802
Website: http://minchendennetball.intheteam.com/modules/page/page.aspx?pc=home

Minchenden Netball Club are one of the largest and most sociable clubs in North London.

Training takes place on Thursday evenings from 7.30-9pm at Middlesex University Sports Hall, Trent Park, Snakes Lane, EN4. Training starts at the beginning of September and runs throughout the Autumn and Spring terms. Any non club members wanting to come along to training should contact Laura via email or 020 8886 7802.

Home matches are played at Broomfield Park, Aldermans Hill, Palmers Green on Saturdays and we have 7 teams entered in the North London League. We also have 1 team in the Poly League and 1 team in the Middlesex League. The North London A team are the curent first division champions and we have successfully gained entry to the Poly League for the first time in the Club

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