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I would like to introduce you to Grinderz Ltd, part of Children and Family Action a not for profit charity set up in Withernsea, East Yorkshire to help raise funds for the upkeep of Withernsea Skatepark and to provide focus and a purposeful direction for the youngsters of Withernsea and the Holderness Area.

As a part time member (all volunteers) of Grinderz Ltd my responsibility is for the website (just online this month) and the securing of trading partners who may be able to help us with our fundraising.

We have just secured a property to allow us to open a small retail shop in Withernsea to help with the fundraising even further. The shop is premises is expected to be in place and open by Mid June latest.

Please note the team is made up of volunteers and local young skaters/residents. We are not a skater owned shop but aim to be even more grass roots being a community owned skate/extreme shop.

Check out the website and help to spread the word !

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