Black Dragon Scotland

The Gen Urquhart Public Hall

Kilmore Road
IV63 6XP

Website: http://

Kevin Shorthouse

Phone: 01456459030

Black Dragon Scotland is a multi-style martial arts and self defence club, non-political and non-profit organisation, an offshoot of the Black Dragon Martial Arts Academy based in Stockport, England.

Our disciplines include:

Combat Hap Ki Do, Ju Jitsu, Hand to Hand Fighting and Tai Chi.

The aim is to promote self defence for everybody, “Little Dragons” is our children’s class for age 6 and up. Our teaching style is tailored toward the physical ability of the student, and classes are held in a relaxed and friendly environment.

Black Dragon members train the way they please; concentrating on martial arts traditions of all types, whilst keeping an open mind. They don

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