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The UK Windsurfing Association is a not for profit company limited by guarantee, whose objectives include, but are not limited to:

  • To promote the sport of windsurfing in all its branches
  • To protect, promote and represent the interests of windsurfers (UK) both at a national and an international level
  • To act as an association for all windsurfing classes for racing under ISAF rules; and to organise events for all types of competitive sailor
  • To encourage and support the instructions and training of windsurfers, and in particular training for national and international racing
  • To examine, study, investigate and report on all matters affecting the sport of windsurfing
The members of the UKWA decide on policy at the AGM and elect a Management Committee to administer the affairs of the Association.

Mission Statement To organise and provide first class competition for the members of the association in whichever classes they wish to compete

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