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Humberside, North Yorkshire, South Yorkshire, West Yorkshire

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Yorkshire continues to offer an enormous amount for members, from challenging upland rivers to miles of pleasant grade 1 rivers and canals.

There are simply loads of great Clubs in Yorkshire offering all aspects of canoe sport, so please support your local club and get involved.

The Regional Development Team is dedicated to increasing the number of active canoeists and the quality of facilities available. If you need any help with information, club development, access, starting a new club or would like to get involved then please contact one of our very active team.

The region also prides itself on its commitment to offering canoeing to non-disabled and disabled people. In addition we have a very strong tradition in polo and slalom.

The river Washburn, run by the region, is an excellent facility offering a full calendar of cruises, Slaloms, Freestyle and Wild Water Racing. Although we expect all events to take place, there is always the possibility of cancellation. Confirmation will be given 14 days before for a discipline event, 10 days for a weekend cruise and 7 day for evening cruises. All participants should contact the Regional Information Line 07626 978654, this will state whether a release has been confirmed by Yorkshire Water.

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