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Disability Sport Events (formerly British Sports Association for the Disabled, then Disability Sport England) was founded in 1961 by the world-famous neuro-surgeon Sir Ludwig Guttman,who worked from Stoke Mandeville. Its sports centre, which is named after him, is built to competition standard and has been the venue for thousands of disabled athletes at World, European and National championships. But not everybody in disability sport wants to, or indeed could, compete at these levels. There's more to it than that. Disability sport is about creating opportunities and making sport accessible to everyone, regardless of their ability. It's about enabling and encouraging disabled people to take part in sport simply for fun and enjoyment. Disability Sport Events helps make healthy lifestyle and participation in sport a reality for thousands of disabled people.

DSE organise 12 National Championships in a variety of sports. Our event programme fits into the demand and international standards for holding high class competition. We are now the events arm for the umbrella body English Federation of Disability Sport. The events rely heavily on sponsorship, fundraising and trust revenue.

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