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A Griffin

Unit4 Pedley Buildings
Thomas Street
CW12 1QU

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Website: http://www.kamdiving.co.uk

Dive Centre situated in Cheshire, offering a full range of PADI courses from Try Dives to Divemaster.

We have a fully stocked shop and offer on site servecing as well as trips around the UK and abroard

Whether you are just learning to dive or an experienced technical diver with hundreds of dives under your belt, here at KAM Diving and Snorkelling our mission is to fulfill all of your diving needs.

From PADIĀ® training courses to dedicated on-site servicing and equipment sales, supported by expert technical advice. Our experienced team are determined to make your diving adventures memorable, fun and safe.

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Lifesaving : Books
Lifesaving : Clubs and Associations
Lifesaving : Coaching
Lifesaving : DVD's
Lifesaving : Equipment Suppliers/Retailers
Lifesaving : Facilities
Lifesaving : Videos
Retail : Books
Retail : Clubs and Associations
Retail : Coaching
Retail : DVD's
Retail : Equipment Suppliers/Retailers
Retail : Videos
Scuba Diving : Books
Scuba Diving : Books
Scuba Diving : Books
Scuba Diving : Books
Scuba Diving : Clubs and Associations
Scuba Diving : Coaching
Scuba Diving : DVD's
Scuba Diving : Equipment Suppliers/Retailers
Scuba Diving : Facilities
Scuba Diving : Videos

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