Bushey and Borehamwood Subaqua Club

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Marie Perry

Bushey Grove Leisure Centre

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Website: http://www.busheydivers.org.uk

Robin Marks

Phone: 07976 104497

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The club started off some thirty years ago and was first known as the Elstree & Borehamwood Sub-Aqua club. Recently we have moved to the new swimming pool in Bushey (Bushey Grove Leisure Centre). This allowed us to make much more use of our club house, which is located in the Lincolnsfield Centre directly behind the new leisure centre. Here we hold social events as well as meet every Thursday after the pool training. Because of our new location we have also changed our name to The Bushey & Borehamwood Sub-Aqua Club.

As a club we also own two fully equipped boats that are available for any member of the club to use.

We don't just restrict ourselves to diving in the UK, although diving around the UK is good. We also organise trips abroad to exotic sites such as the Red Sea and the Caribbean.

Whilst all our training is geared to the BSAC syllabus, we function as an open club, currently comprising of BSAC 456, SAA branch 993 and a number of individual members from various other training agencies including PADI and IANTD. Our motto is simple, if you can dive, you can dive with us.

We currently have approx 75 members and most dive regularly. This gives the club a wealth of diving experience from a wide range of divers. Most are qualified and enthusiastic enough to take time out to train other divers.

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