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Taekwondo is a Korean Martial Art, which is known for its spectacular array of fluid and powerful kicks. Complemented with blocks, punches and flowing foot work, Taekwondo practitioners can easily defend against any type of attack.

In Taekwondo one will improve fitness, stamina and strength through vigorous workouts and exercise routines, flexibility through dynamic and static stretching, mental strength through poomse (patterns) and meditation. People of all ages and types can participate in this truly excellent martial art and sport.

Hadri Taekwondo currently holds classes in Walthamstow and Aldgate. We are a small friendly club with around 50 members from as young as 5 and as old as 45. We often compete in local and national competitions and encourage people to join Hadri Taekwondo even if you have no interest in competition.

All classes are taught by 4th Dan Master and Senior Instructor Esrar Ahmed and overseen by 4th Dan Master and Head Instructor Ensar Ahmed. Hadri Taekwondo Instructors will provide students with high quality martial arts instruction and a safe environment for any age or sex to train in.

Hadri Taekwondo Aims:
         • To work with local community groups and encourage people to take part in sports and
           martial arts.
         • To improve physical fitness and mental discipline.
         • To teach practical self defence skill.
         • To produce quality martial artists and black belt instructors.

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