Walbottle Ramblers

Contact Details:
Tom Bates

12, Antonine Walk
Newcastle upon Tyne,
NE15 0EE
United Kingdom

Phone: 01661 852682
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Website: http://www.walbottleramblers.co.uk

Walbottle Ramblers
Ray Clark

22, Camperdown
West Denton
Newcstle upon Tyne
, NE5 2AW
United kingdom

Phone: 0191 2643466

Walbottle Ramblers is a private rambling club operating in the Newcastle upon Tyne area.  The Club meets every other Sunday to have a walk of about 8 -10 miles usually( but not exclusively) in Northumberland.  There is no obligation on individual members to lead walks as there are two leaders who plan and lead the walks.  Transport to and from the start of any walk is by members own transport.  Further details are available on the club web-site including the walk calendar for 2008

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