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Mundford Judo Club is a small, friendly club on the Norfolk / Suffolk border that practices a mixture of traditional and sport Judo. We are proud members of the Amateur Martial Association and as such are fully insured and regulated to practice and instruct.

We have close ties to other clubs from various associations both in our area and nationally and adopt a very non political approach to Martial Arts, we practice because we love what we do.

New members, both beginners and experienced Judoka are always welcome, we will look to ratify and recognize all grade fairly to allow constant progression of learning.

We have many decades of accrued experience among our instructors so have much to pass on to students but we are aware that even the newest student can often teach an old hand something new.

We have the kind support of the Mundford village hall complex, this enables us to run multi mat competitions and offer changing and catering facilities to all participants.

Our main Judo practice session runs on a Saturday morning between 9:30 am - 11:30 am, with other sessions available for more specialized training.

Please look through our site to understand a little more about us, any feedback is welcomed via the contact page.

Yours in Judo

Mundford Judo Instructor Team.

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