League Focus

A better way to manage your sports

If you are reading this page then you are already aware that the administrative side of sports league management, and player registration takes a lot of time and keeps you away from what you do best, working with your players, teams, coaches, parents and officials.

Online player registration and league management software from SportFocus is designed to work together to simplify your sports league management and free up more time for you to spend on the field!

The League Management module is Rules driven and therefore perfect for any sports league and approved for use by many national sports organisations - you'll find that you appreciate using League Management System from before your playing season starts, all the way to the finish!

The system is also driven from the central database so again you have a single view of the player / official.

League Management

  • League Set Up
  • Assign Teams
  • Define League Parameters
  • Formulate Points for Win / Lose / Draw
  • How do you want to handle Walkovers / Penalties
  • Set-up Divisions
  • Assign Teams to divisions


  • Define number of Home / Away – no of matches
  • Define Dates – start to end and any exclusion dates
  • What Day of the week will matches be played or week commencing?
  • Auto Create fixtures
  • Flexibility to changes the fixtures once created
  • The Option to create all fixtures without dates.
  • Include referees / umpires / officials
  • Venue? – Team Ground

Results & League Tables

  • Results input – web / sms (excel upload possible?)
  • League Tables created based on league parameters
  • Ability to add / deduct points with footnote

End of league / archiving

  • End league – archive results and league table
  • Relegation / promotion
  • Set up new league

League Specific Functionality

  • Ability to view players in a Match
  • Ability to view player’s performance through the season.

For further information please drop us and email and we will get back to you.