Emma Pitt aged five and a half Masters Calshot Track

2nd November 2004
by British Cycling

Palmer Park Velo held their first winter fixed wheel training session at Calshot on Sunday 31st October 2004. They are solely for Youths and Novice adults to experience the fun of a steep indoor track.

Thanks to a recent lottery funding for further equipment and additional fixed wheeled bikes, more youth riders can enjoy this sport. Unfortunately at the time of ordering the new bikes, Palmer Park did not envisage having a very young and small new member, Emma Pitt. She joined the club last year.

The smallest road bike had to be modified drastically by the clubs mechanic. Crank lengths, handlebars, seat stem and even BMX levers so she could brake for safety. Emma raced in Palmer Park Velo’s Saturday Track League. She wanted so much to try fixed wheel riding like her brother.

Trevor Bradbury the clubs mechanic took this task on board. He found an old road frame, and hunted for wheels and other equipment to put together a fixed wheeled machine she could ride. A few weeks later the bike was ready for her to try, and well, she took to fixed wheel riding like a duck takes to water. Emma could not stop talking about it. She started doing both sessions on a Saturday morning fixed then freewheel.

Up for a real challenge she took on the steepest indoor track in the country at Calshot on Sunday 31st Oct 04. During the morning training session she managed to ride on the blue line with style and comfort, all this and still smiling.

She is probably the youngest rider ever to have ridden Calshot track. Other sessions scheduled for Calshot are Nov 21st & Dec 5th 09:00 ~ 12:00

Story Supplied by British Cycling