Close Competition at the Bribar Junior British League

15th October 2006
by Malcolm Macfarlane
The listing was posted by English Table Tennis Association

Visitors to the first weekend of the Bribar Junior British League at the Fenton Manor Sports Complex in Stoke on Trent witnessed once again intense competition between youngsters large and small, short and tall, of varying ages and talents, all giving of their best. It is an event very well worth visiting to watch.

In the Boys Premier Division it could scarcely be closer, leaders Barnet 1 are such solely by 1 game over their rivals York Gardens. Barnet have played very well to occupy this position but their no 1 Ben Barlow felt they should have done better in the match against York Gardens that ended in a draw. In this match he lost both his games against Wing-Yung Chan and Christopher Lewis, Alim Hirji also lost to Christopher Lewis but beat Darren Reed and William Maybanks was the star for Barnet in that match winning both his games against Wing-Yung Chan and Darren Reed.

The competition in Girls Premier is much more clear-cut, Leaders Draycott and Long Eaton do so after brushing aside all the opposition, 5 matches played, 5 matches won. Second place Cippenham hold that spot by one point over Wirral Premier. The key match in this division was again the clash of the top two teams. For Cippenham Melanie Farquhar was the star with wins over Emma Vickers and Corrina Whitaker but Sara Wang and Reena Ardeshina were unable to add to this and the Draycott squad of Emma Vickers, Caroline Hallows and Corinna Whitaker took the match 4-2.

Boys Division one sees another Draycott team, Draycott & Meadows in command, undefeated, three points clear of second placed Kingfisher A. The Draycott squad of undefeated Sean Cullen with Liam Pitchford, Daniel Lowe and Mark Naylor have placed themselves handily to grab a place in the Premier Division next season.

In Girls Division 1, coach Alan Ransome was delighted by his Ormesby girls efforts in claiming first spot in this division at the half way stage, they stand one point ahead of Bridge Club who were the only team to hold onto a point against the Ormesby Girls when Mary Fuller came up trumps beating both Rachael Greener and Katrina Lefevre and Haylee Potts chipped in with a win over Katherine Lefevre to claim the draw.

The Boys second divisions see DHS London Progress in Division 2A and Rotherham Scorpions A in Division 2B both at the top of the pile. In Girls Division 2 St Andrews A and Redland Bats are locked together at the top after drawing against each other and winning all the others. The star of this match for Redland Bats was Kerry Mansall who took both her games against Megan Sparrey and Stacey Furnival, Lucy Davidson got the third game against Sarah Russo to clinch the draw in the last match with a excellent 3-2 win.

Boys Divison 3A is led by Bridge the Gorge who claimed maximum points in their matches, Division 3B sees St Andrews 2 points clear of two chasing teams DML Woolwell and DHS London Progress C, St Andrews only dropped point came in a draw with DHS London Progress C where Progress number 1 Alex Fegredo took an excellent brace beating both James Winchester and James Rivers. Andrew Hagger took the last game of the match against Ashley Miles to back him up and earn the draw. Girls Division 3 sees Oldham romping away no less that 4 points clear of rivals Byng Hall and Darlington.

In Boys Division 4A one of the TTK Greenhouse sides - West London Academy are 2 points clear of Dumfries while in Boys Division 4B it is Southampton West who are 2 points clear - this time from Hollington.

Garth Kinlocke of DHS London Progress B was awarded "Boy Player of the Weekend" while Katy Bradford of Waterside B took the "Girls Player of the Weekend", The "Boys Team of the Weekend" was DML Woolwell and the "Girls Team of the Weekend" was St Andrews A 

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