Marathon Pete hits 21

25 April 2007

The listing was posted by Impulse Leisure

21 Marathons and still going!!

Peter Montague - Head Greeenkeeper at Belhus Park has been secretly running the Flora London Marathon for 21years raising money for many charities and worthy causes.

Well the secrets out and we would like to tell everyone about this remarkable man and his mammoth achievement.. Peter ran this years race dressed as Popeye which made it especially hard, having to cope with the extreme conditions from the blistering!! heat, high humidity to the much needed water stations running out of water. This year race organisers also reported a record number of runnners pulling out due to these adverse conditions. However, despite these problems and the huge blisters he encountered during the race, Pete's dedication to a healthy life style and sensible pace paid off.

We hope you will join us in saying well done to Pete for such a magnificent achievement and should you see him on the golf course a gentle pat on the back I think is well deserved.