UK Blokarting Championships

Oct 2001
by Ian Haslett - Blokart Ireland

The first UK blokarting championships took place on the 15th-16th September 2001 at Kinross in Scotland. The venue was set at a disused airfield just outside Kinross with a marquee set up for the nights entertainment, and camping facilities laid on by the organisers. A lot of work went into the event by the organisers led by Tom Duffin and his team of volunteers, which led to the comp being held on the Saturday with a fun event on the Sunday.

The competitors were divided up into three weight categories (light weight, medium weight, and athletic weight!) and then set off to race around a course of ten laps with four races in each category. More than fifty competitors arrived from all corners of the UK and battled around each corner like something straight out of "Ben Hur".

Bertie Kennedy from blokartireland took second place in the heavy weights, and Ian Haslett took third place in the middle weights. A great result for the "blokart Ireland" team.

We are already planning the first all-Ireland blokarting championships for the middle of 2002, and hope to do just as well, although a first place would be good! Check out our web site for more details.