Coaches and Umpires Needed in Chiswick

18th May 2010

The listing was posted by Middlesex County Netball Association

Chiswick Business Park are setting up a summer sports programme and are going to include netball as one of the sports. The programme is aimed at the adult guests of the business park, and anyone on their lunch break will be able to join in and be part of the programme. The netball programme is going to run on Wednesdays from 26th May – 1st September 2010 at Chiswick Park from 12pm to 2pm Part of the programme they wish to run coaching sessions, so are looking for a coach that is free. As part of the programme includes a netball league so are looking for umpires to umpire in this slot as well. If you are interested in this coaching/umpiring opportunity please contact Simon on who will be able to give you more details in terms of payment as well as dates umpires and coaches are needed on.