Inline Sledge Hockey Launch

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In partnership with RGK, Hull Stingrays Elite League Ice Hockey team and the British Inline Puck Hockey Association, the British Sledge Hockey Association (BSHA) is proud to announce the world launch of Inline Sledge Hockey at Lord Roberts Centre, Bisley Camp, Woking, Surrey. 
Sledge Hockey is a variant of ice hockey. The sport uses sledges to allow participants to move about the rink at high speeds whilst controlling and hitting a puck. Players sit in adapted sledges, propelling themselves with sticks adapted to allow propulsion in a manner similar to skiing. As players are strapped to a sledge ever individual has similar restrictions, regardless of whether or not the player has a disability.
Based on Ice Sledge Hockey, Inline Sledge Hockey is played to the same rules as Inline Puck Hockey (essentially ice hockey played off ice using inline skates) and has been made possible by the design and manufacture of in inline sledges by RGK, Europe’s premier sports wheelchair maker.
There is no classification points system dictating who can be involved in play within Sledge Hockey (simply an eligibility classification for Paralympic events) unlike other team sports such as Wheelchair Basketball and Wheelchair Rugby. Inline Sledge Hockey is being developed to allow everyone, regardless of whether they have a disability, to complete up to World Championship level based solely on talent and ability. This makes Inline Sledge Hockey truly inclusive.
Equipment is exactly the same as for ice or inline hockey with the exception of the sledge and an additional stick. The Hull Stingrays Elite League Ice Hockey team endorse the world’s first specifically designed inline sledge manufactured by leading sports equipment manufacturer RGK.
The BSHA is committed to delivering a fully inclusive community and team development programme which will allow mainstream and disabled players to learn and compete together on equal terms in a fast and furious full contact sport. The BSHA have a number of sledges (both Inline and Ice) which can be lent out to clubs, groups and schools to allow them to experience Sledge Hockey.
For more information please contact
Matt Lloyd, BSHA, 07737 226 761,
Russ Simms, RGK, 01543 670 077,
Mike Pack, Hull Stingrays, 07789 002 950,