Roll Of Honour
Table of Winners
Season Premier Division Division One Division Two Strathclyde Cup Tommy Marshall Trophy League Cup
2010/11 Tynecastle Whitefield Rovers Seafar Villa A.S. Airdrie St Marys Seafar Villa
2009/10 Greenhills Dynamo I.C.C. Whitefield Rovers S.C.Y.P East Kilbride Accies Greenhills Dynamo
2008/09 Tynecastle S.C.Y.P I.C.C. Greenhills Dynamo Blochairn Star S.C.Y.P
2007/08 Blochairn Star NC United S.C.Y.P Clydebank United Trade Team AS Airdrie
2006/07 Blochairn Star Clydebank United Kelvinbank Star Clydebank United Blochairn Star Windlaw
2005/06 Windlaw Dunbreac NC United Tynecastle Greenbank United Lochend United
2004/05 Vale United Greenbank United Bridgeton United Shawbridge Vale United Windlaw
2003/04 Blochairn Star Vale United Greenhills Dynamo Kilpatrick Thistle Vale United
2002/03 Windlaw Blochairn Star Windlaw Greenhills Dynamo Windlaw
2001/02 Windlaw Telecom Windlaw Greenhills Dynamo Shawbridge
2000/01 Levern Reidvale Kilpatrick Thistle Windlaw Levern
1999/00 Levern Portcullis Cambusglen Forest Greenhills Dynamo
1998/99 Levern Cowder Vaults Cowder Vaults Levern Levern
1997/98 Patrick Thistle Windlaw Patrick Thistle Bellgrove Patrick Thistle
1996/97 St Ambrose Patrick Thistle Levern Patrick Thistle Levern
1995/96 GDC Tynecastle  - St Ambrose Provan Thistle Forest
1994/95 Rutherglen PO St Ambrose - Rutherglen PO Levern St Ambrose
1993/94 Levern Rutherglen PO - Rutherglen PO Southside Kelvin
1992/93 GDC Northill - Airdrie Caldervale Springburn Levern
1991/92 Lorne Star Levernbank - Airdrie Caldervale Dalmarnock Airdrie Caldervale
1990/91 Parkhead Minstrels - Levern Lorne Star Parkhead
1989/90 Parkhead Levern Tynecastle Giffnock Airdrie Caldervale B Parkhead
1988/89 Ellsworth Giffnock Morton Ellsworth Lorne Star Ellsworth